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Environmental Program Manager, TD Bank (Boston, MA or Mt. Laurel, NJ/Philadelphia area)

Reporting to the Innovation and Transformation Director this position is accountable for implementation of environmental strategies within the North American real estate footprint as a part of the ERE E&S Team.

Established five years ago, the ERE E&S team’s focus has been on engraining sustainability in the business as usual practices of the organization. The team has been successful at significantly impacting design and operations and as a result ERE has been recognized for its environmental accomplishments by the EPA, ICSC, CoreNET and USGBC chapters.

Real estate accounts for approximately eighty percent of TD’s carbon emissions, with travel responsible for the remaining twenty percent. The E&S Team has helped ERE be a leader in carbon reduction. While the team collaborates closely with TD Environment, Green IT and Travel, it is ultimately responsible for real estate energy/water/waste reduction activities. TD and its facility management partner entered into a unique Vested Outsourcing agreement in 2014 which includes a dedicated team focused on energy/water/waste reduction tactics and data analytics. As such, our E&S Team has evolved out of day to day tactics into a strategic practice group. This position is instrumental in continuing the work to push TD ERE to the next level of environmental performance. This position is a necessary component of the E&S Team and the organization as we raise the bar of our environmental strategy and increase impact.

The ideal candidate demonstrates key behaviors of trust, transparency and listening, is a relationship builder, comfortable working with colleagues and vendor partners at all levels, but is also able to dive into details and data analytics and have the ability to bring relevance to data to drive action.

The position will work in partnership with TD Environment and other internal business groups and external partners as required. The position, as it pertains to Enterprise Real Estate accountabilities, will also be responsible for providing subject matter expertise on environmental matters / issues and, as directed, to provide appropriate leadership and support to cross functional areas to ensure all key stakeholder interests are appropriately aligned, managed and major deliverables are met.

Application Deadline: Saturday, October 17, 2015
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Sustainability Coordinator Program Coordinator/Manager, Lehigh University (PA)

The Sustainability Program Coordinator/Manager supports the university’s advancement of sustainability strategies and goals by aligning communications, outreach, education, and behavior change with sustainability commitments.   This position designs, implements, modifies and manages aforementioned areas and tracks/analyzes impact of efforts for use in assessments, reports and improvement of programs.

The position serves a critical role in Lehigh’s Office of Sustainability. The Office of Sustainability was established in 2012 to identify transformative leverage points that support long-term culture change by aligning environmentally responsible solutions with socially just practices.  Through policies and programs that integrate sustainability into the workplace, research & learning, and campus-community partnerships, the Office of Sustainability seeks and embraces new solutions that contribute to a more sustainable campus.

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