Health Issues

Animal Aid walks dogs in the community and helps out at local pet shelters.    Contact Ben Stergiou and Molly Chirunomula at

Blood Drive  coordinates three Red Cross blood drives on campus each year.  Contact Ashley Seenauth and Zaid Quereishi at

Cancer Outreach promotes advocacy and fundraising initiatives on campus, and visits cancer patients at the local Hope Lodge. Contact Katie Galasso and JonFranco Barretto at

HIV/AIDS Initiative works at local HIV/AIDS organizations and organizes events to spread awareness and inspire discussion of HIV/AIDS-related issues.  Contact Julia Rodgers and Lee Varhade at

Hospital Visits helps connect students with patient volunteer opportunities at Tufts Medical Center.  Contact Shayna Schor at

Peer Health Exchange trains college students to teach about specific health issues at Boston area public high schools.  Contact Nathaniel Matthews and Jasmine Bland at

Sex Talk works to generate a safe, comfortable campus-wide dialogue on sexual health.  Contact Quentin Lott or Jen Wang at

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