Special Friends

About us

Special Friends is one of the Leonard Carmichael Society’s longest standing programs. Founded in 1986, LCS volunteers have been working with the Tufts Educational Day Care Center for over 25 years. The program matches Tufts undergraduate and graduate students with children at the center based on similar interests and background. Special Friends meet with their preschooler at the center each week for two hours through the academic year. During these visits you will join your Special Friend and his or her classmates in activities such as meeting time, coloring, recess or reading. Through the program, the Special Friends form trusting and lasting relationships with the children at the preschool.

Special Friends is co-sponsored by the Tufts Education Day Care Center. Learn more about Special Friends here.

Get involved

Become a Special Friend today! Find out how to become a Special Friend by attending the LCS or Special Friends general interest meetings at the start of the fall semester. If you have any questions about Special Friends, please send an email to Raquel Perez, Wayne Hosley, and Ece Kocak at: SpecialFriends.LCS@gmail.com