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Tufts Literacy Corps Programs

Each year, the Tufts Literacy Corps recruits 75 to 100 student members, who visit six schools in Medford and Somerville and four after school programs. Our mission is to help all children succeed in school, discover what they love to do and gain a lifelong zest for learning.

All T.L.C. tutoring sessions look a little different because they are tailored to the academic needs and learning style of each child. There are some common elements, however.

Your child will have the undivided attention of a tutor who is committed to working with him or her throughout the academic year (roughly from October through April). They will begin their sessions with a few minutes to say, “hello” before launching into the hour’s work. Once started, the session will move at a pace that works well for your child, and will consist of several activities.

Fostering Fluency:
The TLC reading program is based on the work of Maryanne Wolf and her colleagues at Tufts’ Center for Reading and Language Research. Reading tutors learn to use the Center’s cutting- edge instructional methods to teach print recognition, “foster fluency” and build comprehension. They use wonderful children’s books to instill the thrill of reading and its capacity to transport us to faraway places.

Do College Student Tutors Make a Difference?
Absolutely – when they are part of a coherent supervisory program. Each year, our reading tutors
administer a pre- and post-tutoring assessment. The results show that from October through April, 93% to 97% of
their young students progress by at least one reading grade level. Fifty-two percent gain two years or more
during the seven-month tutoring years.

Our conclusion? When TLC tutors join teachers and parents in children’s education, the children benefit enormously.

From Poetry to Prose: The T.L.C. Writing Project

TLC Writing Tutors use poetry, prose, and picture storybooks to inspire writing. They work individually with children each week, and collaborate with teachers to run in-class poetry and writing workshops.

The T.L.C. Math Tutors: Since the Federal government added “America Counts” to its “America Reads Challenge,” the TLC Math Tutors have been the fastest growing tutoring group in the T.L.C. Math tutors work with children in grades two through nine, helping them with everything from memorizing times tables to solving algebraic equations.

Other T.L.C. Programs

The Willis Avenue Homework Assistants visit the Willis Avenue Family Development five afternoons a week to help children from low-income families with homework and engage them in enrichment activities.

BookMatch: Now in its third year, BookMatch is running in two Medford elementary schools. Fourth and fifth graders form teams, read a list of 30 novels and go head-to-head to determine which team read the books best. The year ends with a final competition and pizza party on the Tufts campus.

Literacy and the Arts Summer Program: In the summer of 2010, the Tufts Literacy Corps launched a new summer program, Literacy and the Arts. Please return to our home page and click on the hyperlink at the top to learn more about it.

Elementary School Classroom Assistants visit local classrooms to assist teachers with reading, writing and math.

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