Saturday, 20 of January of 2018

Tufts University Open Academic Resources

Tufts University, Massachusetts, USA, is a “Research I” University (RU/VH)
that addresses the world’s complex challenges through innovative teaching and research.

Welcome to OPEN.TUFTS.EDU!

Dear members of our global learning community:

Tufts University is committed to active citizenship, trans-institutional collaboration, and internationalism, and is proud to share its scholarly work by providing free open access to high quality resources from all its schools, including research centers and hospitals.

Whether you are an educator, student, researcher, or self-learner, this website is your portal to Tufts’ resources. Click tabs above to explore our wide range of open academic content, tools, and infrastructure resources to support your learning, teaching and research efforts.

This portal is new and evolving as our content continues to grow, so check back regularly!


For information on specific resources and tools, please follow the contact information on each individual resource’s site.

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