Academic and Administrative Buildings

Recycling bins for cardboard & paper as well as for bottles & cans are located throughout all of the academic buildings at Tufts. Please make sure to put the correct items in the correct container.
Sorting the recyclables is not the responsibility of the custodians; that is up to you! Bins are emptied once per week or when full.
UGL provides formal recycling training sessions for its employees. However, a situation could arise in which a custodian has not been sufficiently educated or sensitized about recycling. If you have noticed that the custodian in your building has been throwing recycling away, please collect specific information and call X73810.
If you decide to ask a custodian about whether (s)he has been disposing of recyclables in the trash, please be courteous and friendly. UGL custodians do a tremendous job of keeping our campus beautiful and they deserve our respect!
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