Batteries, Cellular Phones, Ink-Jet Cartridges


Location of Medford Battery, Cell Phone and Ink Cartridge Recycling

Tufts affiliates can deposit batteries, cell phones, ink cartridges, lightbulbs, small electronics, and other electronic waste into any of the 40 battery recycling buckets we maintain on campus. In addition, faculty and staff can send in small amounts of electronic waste (for example, a small bag of batteries or a printer cartridge) to Facilities Services via interdepartmental mail: just place the contents into an interdepartmental mail envelope, write “Facilities Services, 520 Boston Ave” as the recipient, and let us do the rest!
Recycling interns collect these bins bi-weekly. If you live or work in one of these locations and find that it is missing a bin, please email us.
For Boston locations, click here.

Other Resources

  • Almost all batteries can be recycled at Tufts, with the exception of liquid and gel acid batteries such as car batteries. Please put a piece of tape over the ends to prevent a fire hazard. A battery tester can help determine if your batteries are completely spent. A tester would be particularly useful for offices or groups that use many batteries.
  • Cellular phones can be recycled with batteries and ink-jet cartridges. Phones should be recycled (with batteries) because they contain hazardous metals and materials. Tufts Recycles! will donate them to MassRecycle.
  • Alternatively, cell phones can be donated through charities like Hope Phones.
  • “Ink-jet” cartridges from desktop printers can be recycled with cellular phones and batteries. They can also be mailed back through a Staples program. Click here for the free mailing label. Hewlett-Packard also provides free mailing labels on their website.
Note: Laser cartridges are handled differently, click here to learn more.
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