Batteries, Cellular Phones, Ink-Jet Cartridges

  •  Almost all batteries can be recycled at Tufts, with the exception of liquid and gel acid batteries such as car batteries. Please put a piece of tape over the ends to prevent a fire hazard. A battery tester can help determine if your batteries are completely spent. A tester would be particularly useful for offices or groups that use many batteries.
  • Cellular phones can be recycled with batteries and ink-jet cartridges. Phones should be recycled (with batteries) because they contain hazardous metals and materials. Tufts Recycles! will donate them to MassRecycle.
  • Alternatively, cell phones can be resold through DealTree or donated to Collective Good. Your manufacturer or service provider may also offer phone recycling programs.
  • “Ink-jet” cartridges from desktop printers can be recycled with cellular phones and batteries. They can also be mailed back through a Staples program. Click here for the free mailing label. Hewlett-Packard also provides free mailing labels on their website.
    Note: Laser cartridges are handled differently, click here to learn more.

Location of Boston Campus Battery, Cell Phone and Ink Cartridge Recycling

Recycling interns collect these bins bi-weekly. If you live or work in one of these locations and find that it is missing a bin, please email us.



For Medford locations, click here.
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