Fluorescent Bulbs and Tubes

Tufts Facilities Services recycles each and every bulb which burn out or break on campus. If your office requires a bulb to be changed or recycled, please contact Facilities Services at x63535 (Boston) or 508.839.7921 (Grafton). Unfortunately, we cannot accept lightbulbs from individual residences outside of Tufts. Please contact your city’s municipal recycling program or check out Earth911.com for local dropoff sites.
Fluorescent bulbs and tubes are a more eco-friendly way of lighting up our world. Fluorescent light bulbs use less energy and have longer lives than thegeneral service incandescent bulbs. Buying compact fluorescent lamps are cost-efficient too; one CFL can save you up to $40 worth of electricity costs over the lamp’s lifetime!
However, they still need to be recycled properly. As these bulbs and tubes do contain a small amount of mercury, the EPA has set disposal regulations on the disposal of fluorescents. All Tufts fluorescent bulbs and tubes are recycled by Veolia Environmental Services. For more information, please visit www.epa.gov.

Fluorescent bulbs and tubes are Tufts Recycles! Approved! We strongly support the use of compact fluorescent bulbs and tubes because they are much more energy efficient than regular bulbs.Although they have mercury in them, they actually help reduce more mercury emissions from power plants. Why?A substantial part of the electricity in MA is made by burning coal. Coal naturally contains mercury that is released when burned. Because fluorescent lamps use so much less electricity, the mercury that is in them is actually less than what would have been released into the air at the coal power plant if regular bulbs had been used. Learn more about energy efficiency, climate change and what Tufts is doing at http://sustainability.tufts.edu/.

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