Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of material can I recycle in these bins?
NOT just bottles and cans! All clean glass, metal and plastic containers (number designations 1-7) can be put in the green bins. Food and drink containers must be rinsed clean or the load will be rejected.
What items should not be put in these bins?
No plastic wrap or plastic bags. No soiled food containers. No trash!
What should I do with returnables?
Clean returnables may be placed in these bins and will be handled by One Source employees. Separate collection of returnable items for rebate may be organized within your group or building for your own benefit (office party pool, local charity, Travis Fund). You will bear all responsibilities for such an activity.
What types of paper can I recycle?
All paper off your desk, including all colors, all weights and all envelopes; Manila folders, magazines, newspapers, phonebooks, and even envelopes with windows.
How does the paper get from my desk to the bin?
Many people have small baskets at their desk to sort out recycled paper. It is your responsibility to empty that basket periodically into the main collection bin in the hallway or common area. One Source is only responsible for processing the main collection bins.
What do I do with cardboard?
Collapse boxes and put smaller pieces in the bin. Place larger pieces against the wall next to the paper bin and they will be picked up by One Source.
Why can’t paper ream covers go in?
Most paper ream covers (including Great White 30% recycled) contain plastic to make them stronger. The plastic content is problematic for the recycling process and will cause rejection of the entire load.
What happens to contaminated loads?
Too much trash mixed in with recycling can cause the whole load of recycling to be thrown away. While this rarely happens, please be mindful to “drop waste in the right place”.
How do I get involved in environmental issues on campus?
Share your thoughts with a member of the Greening the Grafton Committee or volunteer to represent your section on the committee. For more information about recycling and other environmental issues on the Grafton Campus, contact Gretchen Kaufman at, or at 508-839-7918 x84913.
The following websites are also very informative:
Tufts Office of Sustainability
The Tufts Institute of the Environment
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