Need a bin?

The Facilities Department has a variety of basic recycling bins to fit most office spaces. At this time, we do not provide trash bins. The only exception to this rule is when we situate a three-bin recycling station which includes a trash receptacle.
Built-in or specialized bins are not provided free of charge. Specialized bins can be added to renovation projects. If you are interested, please speak to the architect or project manager.
Available bins for the deskside
Tufts Recycles! recommends using the taller bin at your deskside because ninety percent of office waste is paper. If your desk area is short on space, consider downsizing your trash bin.
We recommend a waste station for high traffic areas consisting of three bins–one for paper, one for mixed containers and one for trash. We also recommend having one “container” bin for kitchenettes and one “paper” bin near photo copiers and mail rooms.

To request a bin, please hover over the “Requests” tab on the main menu and select “Request a bin”, or click here.

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