Residential Buildings & Off-Campus

For information on recycling in your residence, please click on the appropriate link:

  • Paper

    Small bins are delivered to halls each Fall. Students must bring dorm recycling to the hallway bins. If you have not received a recycling bin for your room, please email us.

    Glass, Metal & Plastic

    The recycling bins for glass, metal and plastic are placed in the halls of your building and are clearly marked. Many students put bottles and cans in with their paper bin and sort each material into the appropriate hall bins. If you need a small bin for your room, call X7-3810 or email us.
    Please do not contaminate the recycling bins with trash!
    For information on battery recycling, click here.
  • In these buildings you can recycle bottles & cans, as well as paper & cardboard. For information on battery recycling, click here.
    Each suite should have a bin for bottles & cans, and another for paper & cardboard. If you are missing a recycling bin or have not received small recycling bins for individual rooms, please call our hotline at x7-3810 or email us at
    Your bins will be emptied if your suite is cleaned by Tufts custodians. If you are in a COOP apartment, which is cleaned independently, put your bins in the hallway for the custodians to empty. You must take them back in as soon as they are serviced.
    Please don't contaminate the recycling bins with trash!
  • Some of the fraternities and sororities on campus already have recycling programs in place. Please look at our Green Recycling page for more information. If you are interested in setting up a recycling program for your fraternity or sorority, please email us.
  • Medford and Somerville both have curbside recycling programs that are now single-stream, which means that bottles, cans and paper can all be placed in the same recycling bin for pick-up. Your house or apartment can easily become involved with these programs. Check out our pages on recycling off-campus in Somerville and Medford, which include information on what is recyclable in each city's recycling program, or visit the websites of the cities of Medford or Somerville for more detailed information. Tufts ECO's useful map for off-campus students contains a list of trash collection routes as well as energy efficiency tips.
    If you would like to compost, please visit one of our two composting bins on campus, located at the rear of Miller Hall and the rear Tisch Library loading dock.  Click here for more information.
    Recycling Information:
    Medford Recycling Brochure - 2011
    Somerville Recycling Brochure - 2011
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