Staff & Faculty Recycling

Before computers with a Tufts ID tag number can be picked up by Facilities for recycling, a “change of status” needs to be reported to the Tufts Finance Division. Please report this change of status by emailing the tag numbers to The email subject line should read “Change of Status”. Most computers at Tufts no longer have tags on them. In this case, you do not need to report a change of status.
It is recommended that Tufts information is cleaned from hardware before recycling or reuse. Please contact your Frontline Service Provider for more information. Another resource is Active@ Kill Disk Hard Driver Eraser.
Most Tufts computers are recycled for free. However, charges may be applied to large scale clean-outs. To schedule a recycling pick up, please fill in a “no fee” service request on the Facilities website:
Tufts old computers are either reused internally or recycled domestically by Allied Computer Brokers. No computer equipment from Tufts is sent overseas.
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