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  • oversees Tufts’ energy projects including energy management, energy contracts, and energy efficiency programs. She holds a B.S.E. in Civil Engineering from Tufts and an M.B.A. from Northeastern University. Prior to joining Tufts in 1994 she managed energy programs for General Electric Company. At Tufts, her title is Director of Facilities Technical Services.
  • is the Facilities Department recycling coordinator for the Tufts Recycles! program. Dawn organizes recycling initiatives on the Boston and Medford campuses and consults with organizers of the Grafton campus' efforts. Before accepting the position at Tufts in July 2004, she was a Recycling Specialist with the Cambridge Department of Public Works. In Cambridge she worked closely with the city’s curbside recycling contractor, city departments and the city at large to improve recycling participation. She holds a B.S. from the University of Massachusetts Amherst.
  • is the ground support services supervisor at Tufts Facilities and helps to manage Tufts Recycles!. He has been at Tufts for 26 years! He handles the logistics of the waste and recycling contracts, and assists the coordinator and interns with maintaining and improving the recycling program at Tufts.
  • Recycling Interns, Spring 2014

    Every year, a group of students joins the Tufts Recycles! team to help us with campus-wide outreach as well as day-to-day operations. To learn more about the student internship, please click here.

    Current interns:

    minaMina Brewer  is a Sophomore from Tucson, Arizona and American Studies major. She lives in the Green House, is passionate about food justice, works as a peer leader at the Women’s Center and is an active member of Tufts Students for Justice in Palestine. Her hobbies include taking recyclables out of random trash cans, complaining about the cold, drinking tea, napping, and hearing “is that your natural hair color?”

    MT-SnyderMT Snyder is a sophomore from Washington, DC who is majoring in Middle Eastern Studies and Environmental Studies.  She is passionate about climate change justice and aspires to create a thriving, just, and sustainable world.



    IMG_5175Tiffany Blake  is a first year M.S. student in the Environmental Health program out of the Civil and Environment Engineering Department. She loves people who recycle, learning about the environment, and taking scenic walks in the woods with her boyfriend and puppy. 


    parkerParker MacLure is a senior from Baltimore, Maryland majoring in Economics with a minor in Urban Studies. He has a passion for urbanism and social justice and hopes to work in local government after graduating. A self proclaimed PubTranspoGuru, you will often find him urging people to be more sustainable in how they get from point A to B.


    1496543_10202687001794586_305838434_oClayton Woolery is a sophomore from Joplin, Missouri. He is working towards majoring in Fine Arts/Peace and Justice Studies and can see himself becoming a stealth recycling bin decorator in the future.



    xandraXandra Minter is from Lodi, Wisconsin, majoring in both Middle Eastern Studies and Religion and aspires to own at least fifty species of carnivorous plants and as many upcycled home items as possible.




    CJ Ghanny is a senior from Passaic, New Jersey. Majoring in Sociology, his career goals include dismantling capitalism and the patriarchy.