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Have you heard of Upcycling?

ShareTweet Upcycle – verb. /ˈʌpˌsaɪkəl/ to process (used goods or waste material) so as to produce something that is often better than the original. Recycling your waste is great — but upcycling produces a reusable item without the energy needed to process recyclables. In the picture above, normally disposable toilet paper rolls are upcycled into a cable and cord … Continue reading

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DIY – Cork Tops

ShareTweet If you are reading this blog, you are probably at least inclined to recycle and perhaps are curious about cool products that have been made from reused objects. A bottle cork is a common item in many homes but … Continue reading

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Recycle Runway

ShareTweet Nancy Judd, founder of Recycle Runway, turns recyclables such as crushed glass, soda cans, and campaign signs into outfits with elements of fashion, art, and politics. Her latest project includes a 1950s-style cocktail dress made from Obama yard signs, … Continue reading

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Have you ever heard of Dumpster Diving?

ShareTweet Two friends decide to not buy any things for three months. They dumpster dive all of their clothes, food, electronics, art materials, etc.

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