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Lift The Lid!

ShareTweet You’re finishing up a great cup of coffee from the rez, and, being a responsible student, go to recycle it. But wait – what? This coffee cup doesn’t fit easily into the hole in the paper recycling bin! And … Continue reading

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Move Out at Tufts

ShareTweet It’s that magical time of year again. Spring Fling is over, masses are flocking to Tisch to study for finals, and everyone is freaking out about graduating/grades/summer internships. Amid the chaos, it may slip your mind that you haven’t … Continue reading

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Orientation/Move-In 2012 – Welcome to Tufts!

ShareTweet Welcome returning students and class of 2016! As we enter the 2012-2013 academic year, we at TuftsRecycles! would like to keep you up to date on our work towards greater sustainability on campus. Here’s what we’ll be doing (and … Continue reading

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What’s new in South Hall?

ShareTweet As some of you know, South Hall is due for renovations this summer. TuftsRecycles! recently paid a visit to the construction site to check out the progress. We can’t reveal too much, but we are sure to say that … Continue reading

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R²ePack 2012 By The Numbers (And In Pictures!)

ShareTweet Happy summer to all graduating and returning students! While you were packing up your dorm rooms and fiddling with CollegeBoxes, the TuftsRecycles! team was hard at work collecting assorted items for R²ePACK 2012.  What is R²ePACK?! Good question! R²ePACK … Continue reading

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Results for the RecycleManiacs!

ShareTweet The “March madness” of the second half of RecycleMania has come to an end, and we at TR would like to thank all of you who helped to make this year’s RecycleMania such a success. Whether it was by … Continue reading

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Changes to Medford’s Recycling Program Take Effect Today

ShareTweet Are you a Tufts student who lives in Medford? You can now participate in an innovative and simple new recycling program that is expected to significantly increase Medford’s 13% recycling rate. On November 1st Medford will begin a single … Continue reading

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Recycling Bins Will be Distributed Next Week

ShareTweet Dormitory recycling bins will be distributed throughout the large dorms next week. Wood-frame houses and apartments will receive bins upon special request.  Students are responsible to empty these small bins into one of the central collection bins found in … Continue reading

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Some People at Tufts Recycles!


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Receive a $10K Grant to Green our Campus!

ShareTweet, a partnership between Brita and Nalgene, has announced a nationwide competition to promote sustainability on-campus. College students are encouraged to submit proposals outlining ways to make their campuses more sustainable. Students with the best proposals will be given … Continue reading

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