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Lift The Lid!

You’re finishing up a great cup of coffee from the rez, and, being a responsible student, go to recycle it. But wait – what? This coffee cup doesn’t fit easily into the hole in the paper recycling bin! And what to do with the lid?! Breathe. Don’t give up. Lift the lid. (Well, both lids.)

Let’s see this in action.

First, take the lid off the coffee cup and put it in the plastic recycling bin. Ok? Next step.

lift the lid

Now you’re left with the paper coffee cup. You know it goes in the paper recycling bin…but how? The hole on the top is definitely not shaped to fit a cup like this. But here’s a simple solution: Lift the Lid!

Yes, the bin lids can sometimes be confusing, but for the most part, they help people around campus understand the majority of things that are supposed to go in them. Glass bottles, cans, plastic soda bottles, and other cylindrical things go in the glass, metal plastics bin (green), paper shaped things in the paper bin (blue)…Unless it’s a coffee cup…But just lift the lid! Don’t give up and throw it in the trash.

Ok – I know the trash bins right next to the rez pose another conundrum. Rectangular hole? Cylindrical cup? No lid to lift? Wha??? I’ve seen waaaay too many people shut down when they see this and throw the cup into the trash hole. But no no no! Here’s an easy photographic tutorial of how to responsibly say goodbye to your coffee cup.

photo 1photo 2

photo 3

photo 4















Got it? One last thing – If you had a regular coffee without any foam or steamed milk, you’re good. However, if you’re more of a latte or mocha person, please try to rinse your cup out quickly before recycling it to get the extra goo off the sides.

Now put this info into use and tell all your friends to LIFT THE LID!

Big thank you to the lovely models and responsible citizens Nic Serhan and Paul Collins
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Move Out at Tufts

repackIt’s that magical time of year again. Spring Fling is over, masses are flocking to Tisch to study for finals, and everyone is freaking out about graduating/grades/summer internships. Amid the chaos, it may slip your mind that you haven’t packed and, upon a cursory inspection — holy celery stalks, I have way too much stuff and I can’t bring it all with me to Rwanda for my service trip!

Lucky for you, TuftsRecycles! and Tufts Facilities Services makes it super easy to unburden yourself of unwanted items during move-out. Here’s our quick-and-dirty guide to a stress-free and sustainable move-out for those living on-campus.


We DO NOT ACCEPT in any of our boxes:

  • Wire hangers and frisbees (please recycle these in green glass/metal/plastics bins!)
  • Dirty or soiled items
  • Open or spoiled food
  • Hazardous materials

We thank you for your cooperation in making our move-out process as streamlined and sustainable as possible. If you have any questions, please ask your RA or send us an e-mail!

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Orientation/Move-In 2012 – Welcome to Tufts!

Welcome returning students and class of 2016! As we enter the 2012-2013 academic year, we at TuftsRecycles! would like to keep you up to date on our work towards greater sustainability on campus. Here’s what we’ll be doing (and what you can do) during your first few weeks at Tufts.

1. Compost yourself crazy. For all incoming freshmen, orientation guarantees one thing: boatloads of delicious food! This year, TuftsRecycles! and the Tufts Eco-Reps are collaborating to implement composting at matriculation lunch,  evening dinners, and the Orientation Food Fair, all boasting the best in edibles courtesy of our friends at Tufts Dining. Help us keep these events sustainable by composting your food, napkins, and paper plates at designated compost barrels. Watch out for contaminants like plastic wrap, chip bags, and ice-cream wrappers — these go in the trash — and recyclable bottles, cans, and silverware which can be dropped into recycling bins all around campus. Help us keep these events zero-waste!

2. Recycle your boxes at Move-In. Please flatten all large cardboard boxes and leave them in a common area — custodial staff will pick them up. Smaller cardboard boxes, paper packing material, and paper bags can be deposited in the paper recycling bins in your residence hall.  Use our helpful guide, click here!

3. Earn money for recycling. Heard of the bottle bill? It’s a Massachusetts law which returns 5¢ for carbonated beverage containers (soda, beer, sparkling water, etc). Recycle your bottles and cans at the GreenBean Machine in the Campus Center — it’s basically free money! Come to the Official GreenBean Launch on Sunday, September 2, 2012 from 4-6 for more information, recycling swag, and how-tos from the people behind TuftsRecycles!.

4. Freecycle it up. Need stuff for your dorm room? Come to the Freecycle giveaway on Saturday, September 1, 2012 from 12-2 on Tisch Library Roof. We will be giving away dorm essentials like shower caddies, storage units, desk organizers, cookware, and fun knickknacks. Be sure to come early — supplies are limited and last until they are exhausted!

5. RAs – Represent your dorm! We have loads of materials for you to share with your resident recyclemaniacs. Check our bulletin boards page for posters and banners regarding recycling and sustainability on campus.

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What’s new in South Hall?

As some of you know, South Hall is due for renovations this summer. TuftsRecycles! recently paid a visit to the construction site to check out the progress. We can’t reveal too much, but we are sure to say that South Hall will look *nothing* like it did before. And TuftsRecycles! is of course working with our construction contractor to make sure the renovations are as environmentally-friendly and sustainable as possible!

What’s new in South Hall come September? Leave a comment or tweet us @TuftsRecycles with your guesses!

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R²ePack 2012 By The Numbers (And In Pictures!)

Happy summer to all graduating and returning students! While you were packing up your dorm rooms and fiddling with CollegeBoxes, the TuftsRecycles! team was hard at work collecting assorted items for R²ePACK 2012.
 What is R²ePACK?! Good question! R²ePACK is our move-out initiative in which students are asked to Reuse & Recycle everything, pack and clean… k?! Here’s what students recycled and freecycled this year:

- 8500 pounds (wow!) of clothes and linens, to be donated and recycled
- 1 truckload of freecyclable items, to be donated to incoming freshmen in the fall
20 pairs of crutches, to be reused by the Tufts Athletics Department
- 15 boxes of nonperishable food, donated to Project Soup in Somerville
- 6 boxes of Dining Hall dishes, returned to Dewick-MacPhie and Carmichael Dining Halls
- 5 boxes of school supplies, to be donated to the Medford Public Schools
- 3 boxes of books, to be donated to the Boston Prison Book Drive
- 2 cubic yards of broken and working electronics, to be recycled
1  mountain of mattress foam, to be recycled

Many thanks to the R²ePACK team, the dedicated men and women of the Tufts Facilities Department, the Eco-Reps, and all students who participated! Be on the lookout for our Freecycle drop on Tisch roof in the Fall. 

Click for pictures! Continue reading

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Results for the RecycleManiacs!

The “March madness” of the second half of RecycleMania has come to an end, and we at TR would like to thank all of you who helped to make this year’s RecycleMania such a success. Whether it was by signing the Recyclemania pledge or simply taking the extra second to place old papers or bottles in the correct recycling receptacles, we truly appreciate your commitment to making Tufts a greener place! We’d especially like to thank and congratulate this year’s winners, Carmichael and Haskell Hall, which tied for first in the dormitory competition, as well as 10 Winthrop, which placed first amongst the small houses.
While the competition may officially be over, this is by no means an invitation to stop the great recycling that’s been going on. With the end of the semester rapidly approaching (sorry to remind you!) and the flurry of papers and other assorted items that make their way into the trash after finals and move-out, we would like to remind everyone to please reuse, reduce and recycle. It really does make a difference, and you can never do too much of a good thing (at least not when it comes to recycling)! Thank you again, and check out the scores below to see how your residence ranked in RecycleMania 2012, Tufts edition.

For individual scores, please click below.
Detailed Dormitory Grading Sheets:
Blakeley Hall
Haskell 10s
Haskell 20s
Haskell 30s
Haskell 40s
Metcalf East
Metcalf West
Wren 10s
Wren 20s
Wren 30s
Wren 40s
Detailed Small Campus House Grading Sheets:
10 Winthrop
12 Dearborn
92-94 Curtis
Arts House 
Jewish Culture
Latino Culture
Muslim Culture



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Changes to Medford’s Recycling Program Take Effect Today

Are you a Tufts student who lives in Medford? You can now participate in an innovative and simple new recycling program that is expected to significantly increase Medford’s 13% recycling rate. On November 1st Medford will begin a single stream recycling program, which will enable residents to dispose of all their recyclables including glass, plastic, metals, paper, and cardboard in the same bin. Leaders of the initiative believe that by preventing residents from having to separate their recyclables, the program will reduce trash output and save the city money.The single stream system will require the use of new bins. Medford residents should ensure that they have received their two free bins, one 64 gallon trash bin and one 96 gallon recycling bin, before November 1st. If all trash does not fit in the free trash bin, residents can either rent a second 64 gallon bin for $150 per year or buy 33 gallon trash bags at City Hall for $2 each. This fee based trash system is an effort to minimize trash output and force residents to reconsider their waste production. Students who are residents of Medford should also be aware that effective immediately, households must call 800-972-4545 to make an appointment to have bulky waste picked up. This process is important to keep in mind as many students have a lot of waste when moving out at the end of the school year. Be an active participant in this innovative initiative, which will simplify your life while improving our environment!
For more information on Medford’s single stream program, check out the program guide.
Click here to watch a short animation illustrating the single stream recycling process.

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Recycling Bins Will be Distributed Next Week

Dormitory recycling bins will be distributed throughout the large dorms next week. Wood-frame houses and apartments will receive bins upon special request.  Students are responsible to empty these small bins into one of the central collection bins found in the hallways of the dormitories.

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Some People at Tufts Recycles!

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Receive a $10K Grant to Green our Campus!, a partnership between Brita and Nalgene, has announced a nationwide competition to promote sustainability on-campus. College students are encouraged to submit proposals outlining ways to make their campuses more sustainable. Students with the best proposals will be given a $10,000 grant to put their plans into action by Earth Month (April 2010), while the runner-ups will receive an array of FilterForGood reusable bottles and Brita pitchers. Students can find more information about the contest and then submit proposals online at through October 30, 2009.
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