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TuftsRecycles! Staff Retreat: Beach Clean-Up in Winthrop

ShareTweet Last weekend, the TuftsRecycles! crew ventured out to Winthrop for a splendid morning and afternoon, dedicated to both building as a team while taking part in an important cause. After a week of agony of not knowing the top secret location of our … Continue reading

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R2ePACK: Back Again!

ShareTweet As the bell tolls 10:00 PM, Tufts students pull themselves out of their books and into the only hour of the day not deemed “quiet” by ResLife during finals period. Stretching and yawning, skipping and hopping, students notice a new mysterious … Continue reading

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Recycle Your Tennis Balls!

ShareTweet     Tennis players take note! Last fall Tufts Recycles started recycling tennis balls! When your ball has reached the end of its playable life, rather than throwing it away please place the dead ball one of the large … Continue reading

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Next Up: The Bottle Bill

ShareTweet This November, voters in Massachusetts will decide on the future of the Bottle Bill, whether to expand it with a new update or to leave the existing bill in place.  Currently, the Massachusetts’s Bottle Bill, which was passed in 1982, … Continue reading

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Single Stream vs. Dual Stream

ShareTweet Ever wonder why you can’t just throw anything recyclable into one bin? We have too. In many cities, including Medford and Somerville, users can dispose of all kinds of recyclable materials into one bin for collection. Here at Tufts, … Continue reading

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Welcome Back!

ShareTweet Welcome all new and returning students! As summer turns into fall, Tufts’ campus becomes more picturesque each day with vibrant leaves in the trees, clear blue skies above our heads, and yellow compost bins on the curb. You may remember … Continue reading

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New Charging Station and Mural

ShareTweet Last September Tufts worked with National Grid to install an electric vehicle charging station in the Dowling parking garage on the first level. In order to make the charging station more visible, Tufts Recycles was commissioned to create a … Continue reading

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Goodbye Seniors!

ShareTweet Tufts Recycles! congratulates each member of the Class of 2014 on all of their achievements and hard work throughout their time at Tufts. Over 10,000 supporters, including the Tufts Recycles! team, came out to the commencement ceremony at the … Continue reading

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R2epack Continues!

ShareTweet With students moving out every day now, the piles of unwanted clothes, lamps, mirrors, and school supplies keep rising. But our trash may be someone’s treasure! All the clothes we collect from R2epack go to Goodwill, and the Tufts … Continue reading

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Green Bean Earth Day Challenge 2014!

ShareTweet   Earth Day is important for everyone, and this year there’s even more reason to participate! The best recyclers will be entered to win several amazing prizes; anyone with access to large amounts of empty glass and aluminum containers … Continue reading

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