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Compost is more than just the food scraps you throw away in the dining hall; it’s an entire industry. Food waste hauled from the Medford campus by our composting contractors ends up on compost farms in western Massachusetts or Maine, where it is processed for several months. The finished product is then sold as soil to produce-bearing farms and individual consumers. In addition, TuftsRecycles! maintains small amounts of compost internally for student-run gardens on the Medford campus.

To learn more about the composting industry, please check out this video:

Tufts University Composting Statistics


Tufts Dining Services: Click here for TUDS composting statistics

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Tufts University Recycling and Waste Statistics: Medford Campus, 1998-2008

School of Arts and Sciences | School of Engineering

The Medford campus recycling rate in 2009-2010 was 41.53%. This number includes paper and cardboard, glass, metal and plastic. It does not include items diverted from Jumbo Drop, composted food waste, composted yard waste, donated and recycled furniture and mattresses, donated and recycled computers, recycled white goods (appliances) and batteries.

Below are the trash and recycling statistics for the Tufts Medford campus since fiscal year 1999. Recycling has remained stagnant for the past four years while our trash output continues to climb.

A large part of the Medford campus food waste is composted. For more information on composting at Tufts, click here!

The recycling numbers are converted from cubic yards. The conversion factors are as follows:
Paper – 125 lbs per cubic yard
Bottles & Cans – 135 lbs per cubic yard

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Tufts University Recycling and Waste Statistics, 2004-2008:Tufts Health Science Campus, Boston

School of Medicine | School of Dental Medicine | Gerald J. and Dorothy R. Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy | Sackler School of Graduate Biomedical Sciences

The percentage of paper and cardboard recycling as a portion of solid waste from the Boston campus during the 2006-2007 school year was 24%. That number does not include equipment, pallets, bottles and cans or Styrofoam. With little storage space, we are forced to use a unique collection system; a wide variety of materials are packed into a trailer to be sorted back at Save That Stuff.

To see a snapshot of our recycling from the calendar year 2008, click the link below.

  • Cardboard  & Paper:
    Corrugated Cardboard - Loose 58,601
    Corrugated Cardboard - 8,777
    Expanded Mix Paper and Corrugated - Loose 16,940
    Material Total Pounds of Mixed Office Paper - Loose 84,754 lbs
    Newspaper - #6 News 2,800

    Commingled Metal, Glass & Plastic Drink/Food Containers – Loose 2,430
    Commingled Containers: Metal, Glass, Plastic BY ROLLOFF - Loose 425

    Light Iron Scrap Metal Mixed - Loose 8,005
    Metal 30 Gallon Drums - 50

    Other Assorted Items:
    Ballasts: Non-PCB Containing - Loose 120
    Batteries: AAA, AA, C, D, 6V and 12V - Loose 740
    Mixed Wood - Loose 6,915
    Office Cleanout Debris: Desks, Cabinets, Furniture - Loose 845
    Upholstered Furniture: Couches, Chairs - Loose BULK 2,615
    White Goods: Appliances WITH FREON Requiring Removal - Loose 2,000
    White Goods: Appliances - Loose 980
    Wood pallets - 3,690
    Wood Pallets: Bad/Odd - Stacked 2,240

    EPS #6 - Foam: Packaging Bracing - Loose 568
    HDPE #2 - Rigid: Plastic 5 Gallon Drums or Pails - 25
    PP #5 - Film - Loose 640

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    Tufts University Recycling and Waste Statistics: Grafton Campus, 2004-2008

    Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine

    The percentage of basic recycling as a portion of solid waste from the Grafton campus during the 2007-2008 school year was 14%. That number does not include equipment, pallets, furniture or compost.

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