CanAid is a new initiative by TuftsRecycles! in collaboration with the folks at GreenBean Recycling. Each month, we select a charitable/nonprofit student or local organization who is eligible to receive funds for projects and programs within the organization. We hope that the CanAid program will inspire people to not only help a worthy cause but also recycle more at the same time! By simply placing your bottles and cans in the GreenBean Recycling Machine boxes now in the common rooms of South Hall, Miller, Houston, Carmichael, West, Haskell, Lewis, Tilton, Bush, Hodgdon, Metcalf and Stratton, YOU are being an active citizen here at Tufts.

1. Fill out an application. You will be contacted and given a designated period of time (typically a half-semester) in which you are eligible to receive funds.
2. After you are given a designated time, you will be given access to the GreenBean recycling bins in the lobby of each building for that month. Students deposit bottles into each bin, which you can redeem for $.05 each at the GreenBean machine in the Campus Center. You must pledge to empty each bin at least once a week and you must empty each bin at the GreenBean machine in the Campus Center. Each organization is required to have a team of four CanCanvassers who will empty the bins on a fixed schedule.
3. You are also advertised as a donation option at the GreenBean Machine in the Campus Center and online at Users who redeem bottles will be prompted with a message asking to donate to your cause. You can also redeem your own bottles and cans at the GreenBean Machine and donate the redemption proceeds to your cause.
4. That’s it! CanAid is a free program where everyone benefits; we get more people to recycle and you get money for your organization.

For a list of frequently asked questions, please click here.

This semester’s recipient is Timmy Global Health, a national non-profit that seeks to expand healthcare access to medically underserved populations in Guatemala, Nigeria, Ecuador and the Dominican Republic. The Tufts University chapter travels to Guatemala every winter break to set-up mobile medical clinics in rural communities. More information can be found at: and a video regarding the cause can be seen at:

Each organization must meet one the following criteria:
– an active student group on campus,
– an active nonprofit local organization which directly benefits residents of Somerville, Medford, and/or the Greater Boston area, or
– an active chapter of a nonprofit organization which directly benefits  people in need outside of Greater Boston
*January, June, and July are designated for department and faculty causes.

To be considered for CanAid, please e-mail us at We are currently accepting applications.

Fall Semester
Spring Semester I (January – Spring break)
Spring Semester II (Spring break – Commencement)
Summer Session I / II

CanAid Boxes are located in dorm common rooms!

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