Trash Cleanups

Part of our job here at TuftsRecycles! is reducing waste not just within our communities, but also to where some waste ends up — outside, as litter. See the links below for information about trash cleanups and how to get involved.

Beach Cleanups

Each year, hundreds of thousands of volunteers around the world dedicate a few hours to cleaning our beaches. Last year’s cleanup removed over 8 million pounds of debris in over 100 countries. This September 15th, come be a part of a global cleanup! To sign up, visit their website. It’s easy to sign up and form a beach cleanup team, so why wouldn’t you?


Blog posts about beach cleanups!

Nature Cleanups

Though our campus is litter free, Tufts students, independently and in collaboration with TuftsRecycles!, have worked to eradicate litter in other parts of Greater Somerville. Check out some of the impact we have made in the last few years:

TuftsRecycles!, Alpha Phi clean up Somerville (2011)