Food Service Disposables

hodgdonposterJust turned a whole bunch of treats from Hodgdon, and confused about what to do with the packaging? Refer to the above guide for optimal recycling of all your good-to-go goodies. Here are some helpful tips to remember:

  • Rinse greasy plastic and metal containers (for example, oily salad clamshells) before placing in the recycling.
  • Recycle your paper bag! Better yet, purchase a reusable cloth bag from Hodgdon Good-to-Go or Jumbo Express to sustainably stash your snacks.
  • Have some food left over? Don’t throw it away, compost it! All freshman and staffed undergraduate dorms have a compost bin located in the kitchen or front entrance.
  • Remember to thank your Hodgdon Good-to-Go staff when you check out!

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