Greek Recycling at Tufts

Recycling Options for Greek Houses

Recycling is available in all properties owned by Tufts and in houses where the members organize recycling independently of the Facilities Department. Tufts-owned houses such as Chi Omega have the same recycling options that are available in on-campus dormitories. However, the majority of the Greek houses on campus are not owned by Tufts University, thus waste management for these houses does not fall under Tufts’ jurisdiction. Tufts Recycles! and the Facilities Department want to support Greek recycling efforts. There are recycling dumpsters available for fraternity use–check out our map below to see where they are located in relation to the different Greek houses.

Greek houses owned privately or by Walnut Hill are eligible for curbside recycling services through the city of  Somerville. These houses would be able to mix paper, cardboard, glass, metal and plastic together in the same bin. To get started with curbside recycling services, each house would need to acquire a city bin and to alert the Department of Public Works that their bin will be put out weekly. Click here to learn more about the city’s mixed recycling program, or check out this short youtube video.   At the time of this writing, Tufts Facilities Services has three city bins in storage available for eligible Greek houses.

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