Greenbean Reverse Vending Machines

Recycling at Tufts Pays Off!

If you’ve been in the Mayer Campus Center this semester, you may have noticed a green machine (not the Naked Juice kind) on the first floor. The creators of GreenBean Recycle are piloting their type of reverse vending machines at Tufts and MIT. The GreenBean machine allows users to recycle their empty bottles and cans for $.05 per container, and is simple and easy to use.

Before recycling their containers, people can go to the Greenbean website and create a profile using a phone number as their unique identifier. At the machine, all of the deposit money from the container will either go directly into a PayPal account or to a charity of one’s choice. Resources saved [such as energy, water] from recycling will be tracked on the website. Soon, we will introduce a system which allows bottle redemptions to be deposited directly into student JumboCash accounts.

A finalist in MassChallenge 2010, GreenBean aims to keep recycling simple and incentivize it, so as to encourage more people to partake in this necessary effort. “GreenBean brings recycling inline with the Internet age,” said Shanker Sahai, CEO and founder of GreenBean. “It makes recycling fun, engaging, and worthwhile, so people are encouraged to take that extra step and keep containers out of dumpsters.”

Here at Tufts, we are very excited to welcome our new GreenBean machine “Jesse”, named after Facilities Manager Jesse Carreiro, who has been an adored employee of Tufts for the last 40 years. Stop by the campus center today and get involved in this innovative and profitable way to recycle!

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