It’s time for all Jumbos to get in the game and recycle strong! Every spring semester since 2005, Tufts has competed in RecycleMania, the 8-week long competition that will crown one of 547 participating colleges and universities the biggest reducer of waste. 

Every time you go to throw something away, you should ask yourself instead: can I recycle this? If you already do, congrats! You’re a bona fide RecycleManiac! Check out your dorm’s current score below and then read some tips to help improve your recycling efforts!

 Blog Posts about Recyclemania!

Click on the links below to see the individual dorm and house grades for the most recent round of grading!


2014 DORM GRADES                                          2014 HOUSE GRADES



If you’re interested in last year’s winners, here they are!

How does your dorm compare to others? Hopefully this will motivate more students living in dorms to recycle!

  For more past results, please check out the RecycleMania Results Archive page.    

Questions? Shoot us an email at!

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