Final Recyclemania Scores!



After a heated 8 weeks of competition, Recyclemania has come to a close with a bang as the final scores for all of the dorms and houses have been recorded. So, without further ado, we present to you the Recyclemania 2014 winners! In the dormitory category, the gold goes to:


And in the house category, with a surprising four way tie, the winners are:


Thank you all for participating in Recyclemania 2014, signing pledges to recycle, and helping Tufts finish strong in the national competition. Be sure to keep up the hard work and good recycling as the semester winds down! Take a peek at the charts below to see the scores of every dorm and house.

dormfinal housesfinal

For individual floor grades, please click below.

RecyclemaniaDorms 2014

RecyclemaniaHouses 2014

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The winning dorm and houses this round were…


Residences rounding out the bottom are Houston, Haskell, and Start House. Round two grading starts now- plenty of time to climb the ranks!

Full scores:



For more detailed scores, click the links below:

2014 DORM SCORES                                         2014 HOUSE SCORES

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Recyclemania Update: Week 3

Tufts Recycles! is currently working to promote Recyclemania, a national competition that runs from Feb. 2 to April 8. The Per Capita Classic division has 312 competing schools and Tufts has moved up from 65th Week 3. Tufts Recycles! also has been grading dorms on their recycling to foster competition on campus. On March 2, the second round of dorm grading will be finished so updated results will be available to see how the dorms are ranked. For more information on the grades from round one and Recyclemania in general, check out our article in the Tufts Daily at

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The Freedom to Freecycle!

It’s that time of the year, where your laundry basket is overflowing, and you’re realizing that maybe you don’t actually need the multiple lamps you bought at the beginning of the school year. Being a model citizen, you decide you will bring the items to goodwill. But you have that french paper and that problem set, so that will have to be saved for another day. You pile up the clothes in a random nook of your room, and the clothing stays there, forgotten, until the end of the school year when you are forced to get rid of it amidst the chaos of moving out. The lamp collects dust in that dark corner under your bed, lonely and waiting, to shed its wonderful light.

What if, instead, there was a convenient place for you to take your clothes, lamps, and other random objects, for someone else to use? What if this was somewhere on campus?  Or maybe even…in your dorm?!?! FREECYCLE it!

Screen Shot 2014-02-06 at 10.45.05 AM

Wren, Haskell and South Halls all have a new addition to their swanky decor…Freecycle areas. Simply place your used items, such as clothes, lamps, dishes, carpets/rugs, fans, trash cans, electronics, hangers, shoes, books, and bags in these designated enclaves, and take anything awesome you see, for FREE. The program will be expanded to new dorms as the opportunity arises and in the meantime, hopefully you are lucky to have a friend who lives in one of these dorms to visit and “shop.” Look for the freecycle areas in the lobbies of Wren, Haskell and South. Other dorms, such as Tilton, have taken upon their own versions of freecycle, in the form of a shoebox. So look around your dorm lobby, for there just might be a freecycle area near you.  Tell your friends and happy shopping!

South Hall                                                     Wren Hall

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Confused about recycling at Hodgdon?



Sometimes it’s hard to figure out what to do with you empty food containers from Hodgdon Good to Go. Luckily, we’ve made an easy guide to help you figure out how to responsibly get rid of them. These posters are downstairs in the food area (in the enclave next to the toasters and microwave) and also up in the Hodgdon lobby next to the recycling and trash bin stations.

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Lift The Lid Poster!



Be on the lookout for these new posters – they will be put up around campus soon!

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Lift The Lid!

You’re finishing up a great cup of coffee from the rez, and, being a responsible student, go to recycle it. But wait – what? This coffee cup doesn’t fit easily into the hole in the paper recycling bin! And what to do with the lid?! Breathe. Don’t give up. Lift the lid. (Well, both lids.)

Let’s see this in action.

First, take the lid off the coffee cup and put it in the plastic recycling bin. Ok? Next step.

lift the lid

Now you’re left with the paper coffee cup. You know it goes in the paper recycling bin…but how? The hole on the top is definitely not shaped to fit a cup like this. But here’s a simple solution: Lift the Lid!

Yes, the bin lids can sometimes be confusing, but for the most part, they help people around campus understand the majority of things that are supposed to go in them. Glass bottles, cans, plastic soda bottles, and other cylindrical things go in the glass, metal plastics bin (green), paper shaped things in the paper bin (blue)…Unless it’s a coffee cup…But just lift the lid! Don’t give up and throw it in the trash.

Ok – I know the trash bins right next to the rez pose another conundrum. Rectangular hole? Cylindrical cup? No lid to lift? Wha??? I’ve seen waaaay too many people shut down when they see this and throw the cup into the trash hole. But no no no! Here’s an easy photographic tutorial of how to responsibly say goodbye to your coffee cup.

photo 1photo 2

photo 3

photo 4















Got it? One last thing – If you had a regular coffee without any foam or steamed milk, you’re good. However, if you’re more of a latte or mocha person, please try to rinse your cup out quickly before recycling it to get the extra goo off the sides.

Now put this info into use and tell all your friends to LIFT THE LID!

Big thank you to the lovely models and responsible citizens Nic Serhan and Paul Collins
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Short Term Work Available- Recycling Team @ Events

 Workers Needed from now through October

$10 per hour 

With just a few hours of your time, YOU can help make this year’s matriculation zero waste efforts successful, and get paid doing so!

Tufts Dining Services and Facilities Services have teamed up to ensure that meals served at matriculation are both low in waste generation and compost-friendly (e.g. no plastic films to contaminate the compost).

This year’s matriculation ceremonies will take place the week of August 26th. Please fill out an Application  and email it to

Responsibilities are listed on the application.  Pay is $10 hour.

We need many people so please consider getting your friends involved! Thank you!



Sponsored by Facilities Services & Tufts Recycles!

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Tufts Recycles! featured in the summer Periscope newsletter

Thank you to our Human Resources department for publishing this easy to read summary of our most important recycling matters!


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How I Met Your Discards

A look inside R2ePack,  by Stephanie Heatley-Quinlan

Ever wonder who picks up all the stuff left behind in the donation boxes when the students leave for the summer or for that matter where it goes? Tufts Recycles! is here to clear your confusion! It all takes place in steps; after all you’re not the only one who left stuff behind. Starting at 12 Dearborn working all the way up through Latin way, Professors Row to West, Hill and finally Miller, over a two week period, Tufts Recycles! hits them all. Our team is not the only ones that have work to do once students flee for summer. During our cleanup, health and safety checks are made, work orders arranged and large amounts of cleaning are scheduled campus wide. UGL employees work long hard days in the heat vacuuming, sweeping, waxing and turning dorm rooms into a brand new beginning for the next coming scholar. Tufts Facilities Services works hard to ensure that students have a safe new environment to move into come September.  No corner is left untouched, or issue unresolved- a huge thanks is to be spread campus wide to all that put in efforts to maintain and ensure that Tufts produces the happy healthy environment advertised and promised in our brochures.

Cleaning, sorting, and moving what students left behind is no easy process. Every large job starts somewhere and for Tufts Recycles! it all begins with clear trash bags. Clear trash bags with which we stuff our pockets high, taking our bags we start with the large freecycle and clothing bins located in common rooms, lobby ways, and entranceways depending upon the location. A good amount of materials are intermixed so a lot of needs to be sorted. No reusable material gets left behind! Sharp items like pencils, cords, knives, even toys burst open our bags leaving us no choice but to double up the bag and take caution moving it to the truck. After bagging everything in the boxes, we carry our full trash bags to the truck which is either a rented U-Save or a Facilities Services truck. After a day of this job I’d say our crew’s exempt from the gym for the next week! We work our way through every box, hitting every dormitory.  After the final closing date post-commencement, we start going through rooms and floors. The rooms are always a surprise; you truly never know what you’re going to stumble across. We find everything from rooms that are spotless to rooms you’d question whether or not the student actually left. We take foam, sheets, clothes, hangers, storage, rugs, shampoo, sealed food, and mirrors. You hear the cliché saying “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” the saying couldn’t be more accurate. Tufts is a top college with many interesting students. Just from working here I’ve had coworkers from Utah, Puerto Rico, California, New York, and even Italy!  Most of them fly home and are limited to the airport’s 50 pound luggage weight limit, forcing these students to leave materials behind. The ones that drive are limited to what they can compile in their car. In both situations, materials get left behind, even sometimes brand new things. The rest just needs a little 409 or Clorox to save the day! Our efforts aren’t just for the mere fun of what you’ll come across next, they are to reduce, reuse, recycle and help incoming students save a few bucks.

So now you know what we take; what do we do with it? All of our stuff we find gets transported to our warehouse located on Boston Ave. It is here that we sort and compile everything into specific locations. All of the hangers go to a specific section (we actually have what looks like a mountain,) all of the storage bins go to another, foam, mirrors, cleaning supplies, dining supplies; you get the picture. Throughout the week we work as a team, making sure there is not one room or corner overlooked. Nearing the end of the week, we have gone through all of the dormitories and are left with the houses, where the same process. This is where we separate as the houses are much smaller. About two will go out with our boss, Dawn and our driver to finish up; the rest will work in the warehouse deciphering what is reusable, what goes where, and what should be Freecycled.

Anything that is Freecycled is put aside for a campus event that will take place at the end of August; just before the freshman have their move-in Target trip. Incoming freshman will be encouraged to attend our event and take what they need. This saves you from spending money on a storage container or clothing hangers that cost you about twenty to thirty dollars, depending upon how many you buy. Part of our sorting process is to recycle old and broken, often duct-taped materials and save the best ones for Freecyling. Freecycling saves money and reuses goods (Reuse is the first R!). Just because someone else used it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t work the exact same way and serve the exact same purpose as the shiny new one on a store shelf.

This is not the only reusable event that arises from our move out repack. All clothes found are bagged and thrown into a rented trailer to store and transport all of our findings to Baystate Textiles. This company gives us 6 cents per pound of clothes we give. In the end, this system results in about five hundred dollars that we take and put towards the Tufts Community Service Fund, not to bad! All non-perishable, unopened food is donated to a Somerville food bank that gives groceries to local families less fortunate. All rugs are donated to a nearby Salvation Army that sells them at lower prices in order to provide for people that potentially don’t have the money to spend on new. In the end, anything we can save or reuse Tufts Recycles! puts in the extra effort to do so thus resulting in a lot more good that is seen by the naked eye.


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