Recycling Off-Campus in Somerville

Somerville operates a single stream recycling program, where all recyclables can be placed in a single recycling bin for pickup. The Casella recycling facility in Charlestown then sorts and processes all the materials, selling the materials afterward on the commodities market. If you reside in a building of 6 units or less, you should already have a Somerville recycling cart. If your cart is damaged or missing, you should call 311. If it is damaged, someone from the city will come visit your house on your next recycling day to inspect your cart; they’ll either repair it or if it’s irreparable, you’ll receive a replacement cart.  Luckily, if your cart is missing, the City can track it since each cart has a unique serial number. If the city cannot find it, they will drop a new one off on the curb in front of your house.

Below is a list of items that are recyclable in Somerville. Don’t forget to take out your recycling bin on the correct day of the week! To find out when your recycling (and trash) pickup dates are, plug your address in here.

These items can be recycled in Somerville:

  1. Aseptic packaging (e.g. wax-covered or foiled line containers such as juice boxes)
  2. Aluminum cans
  3. Clean Aluminum foil
  4. Hardcover and Paperback Books
  5. Cardboard and paperboard, including clean pizza boxes
  6. Cans of compressed gas/air duster– In order to be able to recycle these cans, you will need to make sure there is no compressed air left in the can. Once it is empty you will need to puncture the can.
  7. Glass and Plastic containers/bottles (#1-7, except Styrofoam)
  8. Milk and Juice Containers
  9. Paper
  10. Shredded Paper – can be placed with recycling if it stored in a clear see-through plastic bag.
  11. Rigid Plastic  – any other plastic item numbered 1-7, or items such as plastic toys, etc.

Not recyclable through the Somerville recycling program:

  1. Food waste (but you should compost it!)
  2. Plastic Bags (but CVS Stores and many supermarkets provide plastic bag recycling!)
  3. Styrofoam (Call 800-828-2214 for recycling/reusing information!)
  4. Light bulbs (but Tufts Recycles recycles them!)

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