Small electronics (cell phones, chargers and cables, handheld battery-powered devices) can be placed in the small, white universal waste bins around campus (click here for locations).  We recycle larger electronics (computers, appliances, and video game systems) as well; please click here for more information.

Additionally, you can recycle your electronics through the manufacturer or retailer. Click below for more detailed information:

(Credit: Wall Street Journal)

You can also read these two highly alarming articles about where our e-waste ends up:

  • Click one of the links below to learn more about e-waste and where our electronics really go after we recycle them.
    E-Waste Not, published in TIME magazine in January 2009
    Photos of the E-Waste village in China
    Track your E-Waste, published in the New York Times in July 2011

    A worker sifts through electronic waste in Guiyu, China. Taken from the E-Waste Not article.

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