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  1. Teresa Salvato says:

    we need one more small recycle bin, and one mid-size, for office 111 in Miner Hall (there are a number of post-docs in this office area)


  2. Kara Bilotta says:

    Type of Bin: Tall
    Quantity: paper & bottle/can (1 of each)
    Room Number & Building: Tufts Administration Building (TAB), Room 315
    Additional Comment:
    Thank you so much for supplying these bins.
    :o) Kara

  3. Michelle Daunais says:

    Name: Michelle Daunais
    Type of Bin (Small/Mid-size/Tall): Small recycling bin
    Quantity: 1
    Room Number & Building: Olin Center – Room 208

  4. Debra Knox says:

    Please provide 3 mid size recycle bins for offices 313, 314, 315 located in Braker Hall. Thanks!

  5. Lisa says:

    Name: Lisa Tran
    Type of Bin (Small/Mid-size/Tall): Small recycling bin
    Quantity: 8
    Room Number & Building: Sophia Gordon 409s-509s (Duplex)

  6. Name: Chris Girard
    Type of Bin (Small/Mid-size/Tall): Mid
    Quantity: Two or three
    Room Number & Building: Sackler Building basement (Boston campus)
    Additional Comment: This is the fitness center. There is no way to recycle paper towels folks use to clean equipment.

    • Profile photo of Dawn Quirk Dawn Quirk says:

      Hi Chris! Thanks for the comment. Paper towels are not really recyclable. Technically they are but the paper mills do not really want them because paper towels are made with very low grade paper fibers. Paper fibers degrade after being recycled several times. The best thing for paper towels would be to compost them, but unfortunately we don’t have composting on the Boston campus at this time. Due to space constraints for central wastes storage, I don’t foresee that happening anytime soon.
      Do people read newspapers and magazines in there? I would imagine a need for paper recycling for that purpose. That would also mean people who wanted to could recycle paper towels.

  7. Alexis Brooke Felder says:

    Name: Alexis Felder
    Type of Bin (Small/Mid-size/Tall): small
    Quantity: 1
    Room Number & Building: Room 216 Jaharis
    Additional Comment:

  8. Avi Smith says:

    Name: Avi Smith
    Type of Bin: 4 small deskside paper recycling bins
    2 bottle\can bins
    Room # and Building: South Cove Rm 116


  9. Keree-Ann Waite says:

    I need two mid-sized bins delivered to 80 George Street Suite 200-4.


  10. Leah Friedberg says:

    Type of Bin (Small/Mid-size/Tall): Small
    Quantity: 1
    Room Number & Building: Anderson Hall Room 103a (CADLab)

    Thank you!

  11. Kimberly says:

    Kimberly Moniz,, 1 Tall Paper Recycling Bin, 80 George Street, University Relations, Room 100-1F (kitchen). Thanks!

  12. Lisa Avery says:

    We need a Tall paper recycling bin and a Tall bin for bottles and cans. Please send to TAB, suite 209.
    Thank you!


    Request a medium size paper bin for Blakeley Hall laundry room. We intend to start seperating lint- which is can be composted from paper. We have a trash bin which we can use to collect lint but no paper bin.

  14. Laina Piera says:

    Name: Laina Piera
    Type of Bin (Small/Mid-size/Tall): Tall green “bottles and cans” bin
    Quantity: 1
    Room Number & Building: The Interim Tufts Daily office at the former Fraternity and Sorority Life office in Curtis Hall
    Additional Comment:

  15. Sabrina Mahmood says:

    Name: Sabrina Mahmood
    Type of Bin (Small/Mid-size/Tall): Small
    Quantity: 1
    Room Number & Building: Front Office, 2nd Floor, Tisch College in Lincoln Filene Hall

  16. Keree-Ann Waite says:

    Name: Keree-Ann Waite
    Type of Bin (Small/Mid-size/Tall): Mid-size bin
    Quantity: 2
    Room Number & Building: Suite 200-4 desk 200-5B of 80 George Street

  17. Libby says:

    Type of Bin: Small
    Quantity: 1
    Room Number & Building: 034, basement Miller Hall (TIE)
    Additional Comment: Thanks!

  18. Michelle Rooney says:

    Room Number 323 – Two tall gray bins with covers. Thank you

  19. Michelle Rooney says:

    TAB 323 = 2 tall gray bins with covers. Thank you

  20. Mark Krumm says:

    We could use a battery recycling box at 75 Kneeland. We’re on the 8th floor (and have the whole floor) — there are other offices of Tufts throughout the building too who might benefit from a location here.

  21. Lisa Burgin says:

    Type of Bin (Small/Mid-size/Tall): Tall paper recycling bin
    Quantity: 1
    Room Number & Building: 150 Harrison Avenue, 2nd floor in back hallway near sink and refrigerator
    Additional Comment: Thank you!

  22. Marny Ashburne says:

    Name: Marny Ashburne
    Type of Bin: Small
    Quantity: 2
    Room Number & Building: 80 George Street, 200-3K (Advancement Communications)
    Additional Comment: These are for a new employee and our student-worker area.


  23. Robert Stefanik says:

    Would it be possible to get a “paper, trash, bottle/can setup” to be located outside of Carmichael Dining Center (near the Osher Center)?

  24. Jon Dorman says:

    Name: Jonathan Dorman (Comm. Center Supervisor)
    Type of Bin (Small/Mid-size/Tall): Tall – for paper
    Quantity: 1
    Room Number & Building: Police Station Room 121

  25. Jon Dorman says:

    Blue cover for bin

  26. JULIA REDDY says:

    Tufts Educational Day Care Center would like 4 SMALL recycle bins. The big ones don’t work for our space, but the small ones do. We have a lot of surplus big ones (from last year) that could be re-collected. ! Thanks! (165 Holland St. Somerville)

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