Surplus Furniture Recycling

Surplus Furniture

Tufts University maintains a furniture recycling program for internal departments on all three campuses. We are able to take gently-used (i.e. regiftable) furniture from Tufts affiliates, which we recycle or keep for internal redistribution. We are able to take desks, office chairs, workstations, podiums, shelves and storage units, and other office furniture. If you are an employee of a Tufts department which is planning to dispose of university-owned furniture please create a Facilities Services Work Request to have the item(s) collected.

If you are seeking surplus items, refer to this wish list page for more information.

If your office has university-owned electronics (computers, lamps, refrigerators, printers, copiers, etc.) which need to be recycled, please fill out a work order through the online IDR system.

If your item is unlikely to be reused within Tufts, but may be useful for a community partner or organization, please contact Sue Fuller-DeAmato at Community Relations (617) 617-3780. She may be able to find a community group in need.

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