How Can We Help People Develop Creativity?

“How Can We Help People Develop Creativity?”

Presented By: Janet Kolodner, Program Director of Cyberlearning: Transforming Education, National Science Foundation
Held on Monday, November 1, 2010

Abstract: How can we help people develop more creative problem solving and design capabilities? Research on the processes involved in being creative provides some clues. So does research on helping children learn to be scientific reasoners. In this talk, I bring the two together ? using what we know about processes involved in creative reasoning and what we know about helping children learn reasoning skills to prpose ways of helping people become systematically more creative when they solve problems and design. I suggest a pedagogical approach (one based on what cse-based reasoning suggests about promoting learning) and several types of software resources to support such learning? A special type of simulation and modeling system, a special type of case library, and software in support of story telling.

Bio: Janet Kolodner’s research has addressed issues in learning, memory, and problem solving, both in computers and in people. She pioneered the computer reasoning method called case-based reasoning, a way of solving problems based on analogies to past experiences, and her lab emphasized case-based reasoning for situations of real-world complexity. Her book, Case-Based Reasoning, synthesizes work across the field of case-based reasoning from its inception to 1993. The notion of a case-based design aid (CBDA), or an indexed library of design cases with the kinds of information in them that can help designers make design decisions, comes from her lab, which was the originator of the first CBDA, Archie-II, in collaboration with colleagues in architecture. She has also been a leader in articulating the cognitive model case-based reasoning implies and the applications and implications of case-based reasoning for education and creative problem solving. Janet has currently been working for National Science Foundation as the Program Director of Cyberlearning: Transforming Education.

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