Tufts Sustainability Collective
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Tufts Climate Action

Tufts Climate Action group is dedicated to building leadership on and off campus, and contributing to the international climate justice movement. We recognize our responsibility as Tufts students in guiding our institution towards real climate change solutions. This year, TCA is focusing on five distinct campaigns: 1) natural gas; 2) divestment; 3) administration and academics; 4) environmental justice, and 5) agriculture. Our tactics have included rallying, marching, demonstrating, holding sleepouts, talking to legislators, and generally putting pressure on the state government to get MA off of coal and other fossil fuels. If you’re interested in fighting for a livable climate, come to Miner 112 on Mondays at 8:30!

Primary contact: Shana Gallagher – shana.gallagher@tufts.edu
E-list: tuftsdivestteam@googlegroups.com
Facebook page: Tufts Climate Action