Lecture Capture

The Echo360 lecture capture system includes components that allow the automation of capturing, packaging, publishing, and distributing recorded content. The Echo360 system generates a variety of file-types for playback on the web or on mobile devices. Format types include a full rich-media capture (Flash version), a podcast version (audio-only .mp3 file), and a VODcast, which includes the audio file plus image visuals which playback at five frames per second (.m4v). The full rich-media Echo360 playback environment is designed to be viewed in a web browser, and is typically streamed using a media-server.

Lecture Capture is available in the following classrooms:

  • Sackler Auditorium, 145 Harrison Ave
  • Behrakis Auditorium, Jaharis Building, 150 Harrison Ave
  • Posner Auditorium, 200 Harrison Ave
  • Sackler B09, Sackler Building, 145 Harrison Ave
  • Clinical Skills and Simulation Center, 3rd Floor, 35 Kneeland St.
  • Jaharis 508, Jaharis Building, 150 Harrison Ave
  • Sackler Mobile Unit
  • Merrit Auditorium, 7th Floor, Dental Building, 1 Kneeland St.
  • Pre-clin Laboratory, 8th Floor, Dental Building, 1 Kneeland St.
  • Patient Simulation Clinic, 14th Floor, Dental Building, 1 Kneeland St.
  • Dental Mobile Unit 1
  • Dental Mobile Unit 2
  • Dental Mobile Unit 3

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