SAS is a statistical software package licensed from the SAS Institute. More information about the software can be found at .

License Term
The term of this license is annual.  The license expires and must be renewed each year.

License Codes
When the license is renewed each year, the vendor sends Tufts a new set of license codes (called ‘setinits’) which are required to keep the software from expiring. The license codes are forwarded to campus software coordinators, who in turn will assist to renew the software.

Tufts’ volume license agreement is for the Windows platform.

As part of the license agreement, license holders are entitled to receive software fixes.  Contact the vendor if you encounter a bug in the software.

Versions, Upgrades and New Releases
License holders are entitled to run any supported release of the licensed product. Software coordinators maintain lists of those who have acquired licenses. Contact your campus software coordinator to obtain media for new or different releases.

Type of Purchase

Site License


Windows 32-bit and Windows 64-bit

Windows Server 32-bit and Windows Server 64-bit

Authorized Use

SAS Education Analytical Suite and SAS Genetics is now available for no fee to:

(a) Tufts University employees using the software on institutionally-owned computers

(b) Tufts University employees for installation on personally-owned computers

(c) Tufts University students for installation on their personal computers.

Obtaining a License and Media
Faculty and staff can obtain a license and media by contacting the campus software coordinator for their campus.  Students should contact their instructors about obtaining a SAS license.

Local Support
The availability of local support is determined by each support organization. Contact your FSP for more detailed information.

Technical manuals are not included and must be purchased separately.

SPSSSTATA, and R are alternative statistics software packages.


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