IBM SPSS Statistics

SPSS is an industry-standard statistical processing package that is  used at Tufts University. The package offers extensive statistical graphics and data mining capabilities.  Alternatives to SPSS include SAS, STATA, and R.

Tufts has entered into a site licensing agreement with SPSS that covers the three most widely used modules of the SPSS software family.

  • Base – This component contains tools that support data aggregation, analysis, graphics and reporting needs.
  • Advanced – This component contains modules that perform various multivariate techniques.
  • Regression – This module supports ANOVAs and several generalized regression methods.

Current Version of SPSS

IBM SPSS Statistics 21 is available for Windows, Macintosh and Linux machines.

Restrictions of Volume License

  • Annual Codes must be used on all computers
  • License can only be installed on a Tufts owned/leased computer
  • Computer must be located on the Tufts Campus (owned or leased space)
  • Each version installed counts as one license.
  • Personal laptops of students, visiting scientists and visiting scholars are not eligible.
  • Home use for faculty and staff only; Student workers are not eligible.
  • Installations must be completed by IT  professional Support Staff.

*Exceptions to the restrictions

Friedman School of Nutrition students who take Statistical Methods for Nutrition Research (Science) (NUTR 207), Instructor: Jerry Dallal, Statistical Methods for Nutrition Research (Policy) (NUTR 209), Instructor: Robert Houser, and Nutrition Data Analysis (311), Instructor: Robert Houser are allowed to use Friedman School SPSS licenses.

Request for Software for how students should request a license and have the software installed.

Expiration of Annual Code

The SPSS Annual license code expires on August 1 and has a 1 month grace period.

  • Students who are not in the above referenced nutrition students will have to purchase SPSS “Graduate Pack” through E-Academy. Standard SPSS does not have the required modules. E-Academy offers a 6 month rental of the Graduate Pack for $49.99 or $89.99 for a 12 month rental.

Clinical Faculty may purchase a one year license for the SPSS Faculty Pack via E-Academy for approximately $250.00.

Obtaining a License

  • The Nutrition School will need to complete the Request for Software form to request the use of a license.  See OIT Forms for more information about how Nutrition School faculty, staff, and students obtain a license.

Instructions for updating the license for SPSS Software

Current licenses are available for versions 19 through 21. Your computer must have Landesk installed for the instructions below to work.

1. Close any version of SPSS software if you currently have it open. You cannot install the license while it is running.
2. To access the Portal Manager:

For PC: Go to Start Menu > All Programs > LanDesk Management > Portal Manager
For Mac: On the Task Bar (on top of the screen) click on >>> icon and then select Software Portal

3. A window will open up; click on the “Refresh” icon to the top right of the window.
4. The list of available software will appear.  Check the box next to the software you would like to install and click “Launch” in the top left.
5. A Download Window should appear in the Tufts Portal Manager that will show the status of the download progress.  You (if you wish) can observe the installation progress.


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