Virtual Computers

OIT supports VMWare Fusion for Apple Computers and VMWare Workstation for Windows Computers.  Both applications allow a user to run a virtual version of Windows on top of their installed Operating System.  Pricing and availability can be found on Tufts Marketplace via or by contacting our sales associate for

Currently, only Windows Operating Systems can be virtualized.  On a Macintosh, you have the option of dual-booting (installing two independent Operating Systems) using Boot Camp, or you may install a virtual operating system using VMWare Fusion.  If your Apple has enough resources (hard drive space, and memory), we recommend running Windows through VMWare Fusion.  However if you are low on resources we recommend Bootcamp and only running one Operating System at a time.

Alternative platforms for Virtualization  include Parallels, and Sun Virtualbox (freeware).


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