Network Drives

The term network drive or network share refers to data storage space located on Tufts University servers. When you store files from your computer on a network share and login to the Tufts domain, your stored data is accessible, no matter where you are physically connected. In addition, the data you store on network shares is backed up nightly, providing data redundancy in the event that your local drive crashes. Finally, access to data stored on network shares is restricted by a user’s network access rights, ensuring that only those who should have access to the data can see, copy, or edit it.

The P: drive, your personal drive, is also called your home share. No one except you may access this data. This is an excellent location for any documentation that needs to be edited or retrieved from multiple locations. Each faculty member is allotted 1 GB of space for their individual P: drive, but may request more space if needed.

The Q: drive is an area with shared access by members of a particular project or department. Uses for Q: drive storage include shared project files, databases, applications, and other departmental-specific documentation.

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