Why am I receiving a lot of bounced email messages that I didn’t send?

A lot of bounced email messages may be an indication that a spammer has used your email address as the “from” address when sending out spam.  Because spam may be sent to hundreds of email addresses at one time, the likelihood is high that many of those addresses are no longer valid or are not accepting new messages.  In either scenario, a notification email will be sent to the email address listed as the “from” address on the email.

This does not necessarily mean that your email, computer or data has been compromised.  A spammer can set up spam so that it will utilize any email address in the “from” field without gaining access to the owner’s email.  However, if emails appear in the “sent items” folder then that may be an indication that your actual email account was used to send the spam emails.  This may mean that your account has been compromised and in this event you should contact OIT immediately.

For further assistance or questions, please contact OIT at 617-636-0331 or oit@tufts.edu.

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