I need to purchase a new computer. How long will this process take?

The first step in this process is to contact one of our specialists who will walk you through computer options.  We will discuss operating system, hardware requirements, processing speed, etc. and provide a quote for a computer that meets your needs.

Once a computer has been selected, the actual ordering of the computer will need to be handled by you or someone in your department that has fiscal authority over the funding source and has access to Tufts Marketplace.  By policy, computers may not be purchased using the Tufts Purchasing card.  If you are purchasing a recommended Dell or Apple computer the shipping time is generally within one to two weeks.  Dell and Apple provide estimates of the shipping date after the computer is ordered.

Once the computer is ordered, contact OIT to complete the computer deploy interview so we can help determine the software and peripheral requirements for the new computer such as software, printers and data transfers.  Once the interview has been completed you will be placed into a pending queue of new computer deploys.  OIT deploys computers within 10 business days from the date we are notified about the computer’s arrival.  However, the deploy dates may vary depending upon the complexity of the requirements, any pending software orders and your availability.

Please note that OIT does not configure computers directly from the vendor, but instead cleans the computer off and installs a Tufts specific version of Windows and a complement of software that is necessary in your day-to-day work.  We also enhance the security of the system and install software that will help us assist you in remotely updating and troubleshooting your computer.

A deploy may also take additional time if you have ordered a Macintosh computer and require Microsoft Windows to be installed on it.  Installing Microsoft Windows side by side with the Apple Operating System makes one computer into two separate computers, and both must be configured independently.

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