I get too much spam. What can I do about this?

Tufts University has a few methods for fighting spam.

Before mail gets to your mailbox it passes through a spam filter (Proofpoint).  As part of this service, you will receive Proofpoint digests daily which show you all of the mail that has been marked as spam.  You may click on links within the digests to release mail that may have been incorrectly marked as spam.  You always have the ability to opt out out of the spam filter should you choose.  For more information, please see the UIT Anti-Spam Tool page.

Your mail client of choice may also have spam control as well.  Microsoft Outlook has a spam (Junk Mail) filter, which learns which mail is spam when you mark it as such.  For more information on using the Outlook  Junk Mail filter, please see the Email Client Guide for your client

Preventing spam at it’s source is also helpful. Please see the following About.com article on the Top 6 Most Effective Tips to Avoid Getting Spam Altogether.


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