Thomson Scientific Endnote – Bulk Purchase

Endnote is a popular reference management software package used to manage bibliographies. It is produced by Thomson Reuters.

Often the University engages in bulk purchases of the latest version of the Endnote. Through the bulk purchase, University staff can obtain the best pricing for Endnote upgrades and licenses. The most recent bulk purchase ended in February 2011. Announcements about future purchases will be sent through postservice. When there is an announcement about purchasing Endnote, IDRs should be submitted to the appropriate software coordinator for the department/school.

In addition, OIT may purchase additional licenses during the bulk purchase that are available for resale. Contact OIT at 617-636-0331 or to inquire about the availability and/or purchase of a license.

Lastly, Endnote licenses can be purchased directly from a vendor. CDW, GovConnection, and all have licenses available for purchase. See (INSERT LINK TO COMMONLY ORDERED SOFTWARE FROM THE OIT WIKI) for the part numbers for the software.

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