How can I back up my computer?

We recommend not storing any data locally on your computer, but instead storing the data on a networked drive such as P, Q, or R.  If you do not have access to a drive of this type, please contact OIT.  If you do have data that must stay on your local computer, there are a few different methods for backing up the data, each with their own pros and cons.

The most popular way to backup data is to purchase an external hard drive and use software to copy the data from the computer to the external drive.  This allows for a hardware failure on your computer without a loss of data, but because your external drive is next to your computer, you run the risk of losing your data should an event such as a flood or fire occur.

A second solution is to use an off-site network backup utility such as  Mozy has University pricing that allows you to pay per month for secure off-site backup. If you are interested in purchasing remote backup, please contact OIT at 617-636-0331 or

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