How do I find the serial number, service tag, or computer name for my device?

Service Tags and Serial Numbers

The serial number/service tag is a unique pattern of numbers and letters assigned to every device.

A service tag is unique to a Dell device. To find the service tag for your device, follow Dell’s directions here:

Finding Your Dell Service Tag

To find the serial number for your Apple device, select your device from the following page and follow the directions to find your serial number:

Finding your Apple Serial Number

If you have any difficulties finding your serial number or service tag, please contact OIT at 617-636-0331 or

Computer Name

The Computer Name is a name assigned by OIT (or by you, if the computer is a personal computer) to identify that computer. To find your computer name, use the appropriate directions below for your operating system:

Computers with Windows XP
1. Right-Click on the “My Computer” Icon; then select properties

2. Select the “Computer Name” tab and use the “Full computer name” field.

Computers with Windows 7
1. Click on the Start button > Right-click Computer > select Properties.

2. Under Computer name, domain, and workgroup settings, you can find your computer name.

Computers with Mac OS X
1. To see your current computer’s name, choose Apple > System Preferences

2. Click Sharing to view the computer name.

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