Computer Modernization Initiative (CMI)


If you are a full-time benefits-eligible Faculty or Staff member at Tufts University School of Medicine, you are eligible to replace your old computer every five years.


A survey of computers used by TUSM faculty and staff has indicated that many of our systems are more than 5 years old.  Older systems do not effectively run modern applications, cannot be managed remotely, and have high rates of disk drive failure, putting at risk both data and productivity.  In addition, vendors typically do not support or provide security patches for the operating systems of older computers, leaving vulnerable these computers and the networks to which they connect. The goal of the Computer Modernization Initiative (CMI) is to make sure that each full-time TUSM faculty and staff member has a modern, appropriately managed, computer to support their work.  Additional goals are to reduce support and maintenance costs, help avoid catastrophic loss of critical data, improve productivity, and help protect the security of University systems and information.  Funding has been approved for the upcoming fiscal year to continue with this initiative. Considering the number of older systems in our inventory, priorities will need to be established and replacements staged throughout the academic year.  The full program will be implemented in phases over the next three to four years.  Individuals with outdated computers who decline to participate in the CMI will continue to receive support for those older systems, but on a reduced “best effort” basis.


The CMI program began in FY 12 and has been allocated additional funds for FY 14 to continue replacing outdated computers in TUSM departments and offices.  Working with OIT, the Departmental Chairs / Office Directors will identify and prioritize systems for replacement.  Following approval by the Dean’s Office, designated faculty and staff members will be able to select from several standard computer models.  These new computers will be set-up and managed by OIT in consultation with the faculty or staff member to whom the computer will be assigned.

Eligibility Requirements

Full time faculty and staff, with primary work computers more than 5 years old, are eligible for this upgrade program.  Several OIT- supported models of PCs and Macs (desktops and laptops) will be available as replacements. University-licensed applications (e.g., Microsoft Office) as well as other supported software will be installed, as requested.  OIT technicians will use LANDesk and other remote patching and management tools to maintain computers purchased under this program.   Computers will be equipped with anti-virus and other information and system security software. Replacement computers will be assigned to an individual faculty or staff member, added to the inventory under that person’s name, and scheduled for replacement every 5 years.  The outdated computer being replaced under this program must be turned into to OIT and removed from the inventory.  Computers bought under this program will be returned to OIT if the assigned faculty or staff member leaves the Medical School. These systems will be reconfigured and reassigned to a new full-time faculty or staff member, preferably in the same department.  Requests to replace more than one computer for a given faculty or staff member will be considered by the Dean’s Office on a case-by-case basis.

System Upgrades

The costs of any upgrades to standard configurations (e.g., faster processors, more memory, larger monitor, etc.) will be the responsibilities of the faculty investigator, department or office. Likewise, costs of required software upgrades for applications that are not site-licensed by the University will be the responsibility of the individual staff/faculty member or their department/office. All software installed on these systems must be appropriately licensed, with proof of legal licensing available for review.

Additional Information

Recommended PC Desktop

Recommended PC Laptop

Recommended Apple Desktop

Recommended Apple Laptop


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