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How do I find the serial number, service tag, or computer name for my device?

Service Tags and Serial Numbers The serial number/service tag is a unique pattern of numbers and letters assigned to every device. A service tag is unique to a Dell device. To find the service tag for your device, follow Dell’s directions here: Finding Your Dell Service Tag To find the serial number for your Apple […]

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How can I back up my computer?

We recommend not storing any data locally on your computer, but instead storing the data on a networked drive such as P, Q, or R.  If you do not have access to a drive of this type, please contact OIT.  If you do have data that must stay on your local computer, there are a […]

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How do I access my network shares from off campus?

There are two methods for accessing your network shares from off campus. 1. Access your share via the Web vpn at This method will work from any computer (PC/Mac/Linux) and allow you to upload and download files from a network share. 2. Use the Network Connect VPN install to use applications that require a […]


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