How do I purchase Microsoft software for personal use at home?

Tufts University, as part of their campus wide agreements with Microsoft®, has instituted an employee purchase program for certain Microsoft® products.  This agreement allows each university employee to purchase one copy of each Microsoft® product covered under the agreement.  Prices are at a significant discount.

Any individual whose primary affiliation at Tufts is “Faculty” or “Staff” is eligible for this software purchase program.  Individuals whose primary affiliation at Tufts is “Clinical Faculty” or “Affiliate” are not eligible for this discount.

Available Software/Pricing
The software available under this program is updated periodically.  Current titles include Project, Visio, various versions of Office and a Windows upgrade.  For the latest titles available, go to the ordering web site and click on Software.  Product selection is subject to change without notice.

For more information on this Microsoft Select Agreement for Employee Personal Purchase, please visit the UIT web page below.

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