Endnote X5 Volume Purchase

To:                   Tufts University Faculty and Staff

From:               Debbie Nanni, UIT

Subject:            EndNote X5 Software Volume Purchase

Date:                February, 2012

EndNote is desktop software used by many faculty and staff to search online bibliographic databases, organize references, and create bibliographies.  Recently, the EndNote publisher released EndNote X5 for Windows and Mac.

Since a number of University personnel have expressed interest in obtaining EndNote X5, we would like to move forward with an EndNote X5 volume purchase.   EndNote licenses acquired as part of this purchase are licensed by workstation and available to university employees only.  The approximate volume license cost for a new EndNote Version X5 license will be between $110 and $120, depending on volume.  Upgrades for existing EndNote licenses will cost approximately $61 to $71.

To order licenses, determine how many new licenses and/or upgrades you want to purchase.  (Departments may want to consider purchasing some extra licenses to cover new hires or latecomers.)  Then send a completed, signed IDR to your campus software coordinator at the address shown in the list below.  The IDR needs to specify how many new EndNote X5 (either Windows and/or Mac) licenses you wish to purchase and how many license upgrades (either Windows and/or Mac) you wish to purchase.  Please leave the total dollar amount blank. The amount will be filled in by your campus software coordinator once all IDRs have been received, and we determine the final per-license price.

IDRs must be received by the software coordinators no later than the end of day on Wednesday, February 29, 2011.  Allow six to eight weeks for the order to be processed and for media to be shipped.  Once the media and any license keys have been received at Tufts, they will be sent to software coordinators for distribution.  You can reach the EndNote coordinator for your campus at the following addresses.

1. Grafton Campus: robert.ertsgard@tufts.edu (ITS, Grafton) 2. Medford Campus (except Central Admin.): Tony.Sulprizio@tufts.edu (126 Curtis St.,Medford) 3. Central Administration: judi.vellucci@tufts.edu (UIT Support Center, TAB, Somerville)

4. Medical, Sackler and Friedman Schools: oit@tufts.edu (OIT, M&V Building, Suite 248, 136 Harrison Ave, Boston)

5. HNRC: bonnie.myers@tufts.edu (711 Washington Street, Rm. 914, Boston)

6. Dental: donato.dicicco@tufts.edu (Dental Health School, 1 Kneeland, Boston)

7. HHSL staff only: HHSL-ITS@tufts.edu (Please use the HHSL email address.)

Before submitting your order for EndNote X5, please verify with your department or funding source that adequate funds are available to cover the license price.  As with any software purchase, check with your FSP before submitting your order to check the implications of this for your particular computer system.  (For a list of department FSPs, visit http://uit.tufts.edu/?pid=541.)

If you have any questions about this purchase, please do not hesitate to contact your campus software coordinator or me.

Thank you,

Debbie Nanni


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