Tufts Ready|Continuity

The goal of Tufts Ready|continuity is to increase the university’s ability to continue operating in the face of adverse events, while focusing on our mission of teaching, research and patient care.

Continuity plans created using the online planning tool will help departments to:

  • Prepare for events with the potential to disrupt their department’s operations.
  • Carry on their critical functions under conditions of diminished resources: loss of space, loss of equipment, loss of IT infrastructure and high absenteeism.
  • Rapidly resume these functions if they’ve been interrupted by an unplanned event.

Tufts Ready|continuity is intuitive, easy-to-use and requires no training.  Tailored for institutions of higher education, Tufts Ready|continuity produces department-level continuity plans and can be used by any type of department.  It typically takes just 6 weeks to complete a continuity plan using Tufts Ready|continuity, because the tool stimulates thoughtful consideration of issues instead of requiring detailed research or leg-work.

Getting Started with Tufts Ready|continuity

To begin using Tufts Ready|continuity to create a continuity plan for your department, complete the Consultation Request Form.  We will reach out to your department’s designated point of contact within 1-3 business days to schedule a planning consultation.

To Request a User Account Without a Consultation, visit the following link http://emergency.tufts.edu/continuity/no-consultation/

Please be aware that your Tufts Read|continuity username and password are independent of your Tufts Username and Password

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