Adobe Connect Pro

Adobe Connect Pro is a tool that Tufts provides that allows for web videoconferencing.

web videoconference uses a combination of video and audio telephony technologies to allow two or more users (or locations) to connect, meet, and collaborate via the Internet. Conference attendees can interact with each other and share information the way they would in a face-to-face setting. UIT supports the use of Adobe Connect Pro for web videoconferencing at Tufts.

  • Share visuals – One of the most important aspect of a web conference is the ability to share visuals with each other in real time. Participants can see what a presenter in a different location is displaying on his or her computer.
  • Talk to each other – Participants can talk to each other with the use of a headset microphone or USB speakerphone. There is also a chat area, where participants can type to each other. Another option is to forgo the built-in voice tool (VoIP) and call meeting attendees on the phone.
  • See each other – Participants can see each other when using optional webcams.

For more information regarding Adobe Connect Pro, please visit the Web Conferencing page.

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