Tufts acquires Site License for ChemDraw Pro

Tufts has recently acquired a site license for ChemDraw by PerkinElmer Informatics.

ChemDraw Pro is a software package that allows for the drawing of basic chemical structure and provides Chemical query properties. The ability to create and edit templates and nicknames, Annotation, Relative Stereochemistry, ISIS/Draw Compatibility, support for ISIS-style Data SGroups, Chemical File Formats, Expansion of Generic Structures, TLC Plate Tool, the new Freehand Pen Tool, Fragmentation Tools, PolymerDraw, ChemProp, Structure Cleanup, calculation of Topological Polar Surface Area as well as the ability to read and write a wide variety of chemical formats including spectra and reactions.

Everyone with a valid tufts.edu email address may download a copy of the software, but first needs to register for an account on the PerkinElmer site.


To download ChemDraw Pro and access any related database subscriptions, go to:


The site license is administered by the Tisch Library.


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