Authorized Requesters for Tufts Resources



Alliance for the Prudent Use of Antibiotics

Stuart Levy, Barbara Lapinskas

Center for the Study of Drug Development

Robert Chung, Kenneth Kaitin

Clinical ad Translational Science Institute

Brian Wilson, Marcia Izzi

Department of Laboratory Animal Medicine

Betty Turner, Scott Perkins

Developmental, Molecular & Chemical Biology

Jaime Wallace, Phil Hinds

Educational Media Center

Brian Williams, Jan Mathews

Facilities / Construction

Cory Poulio, James Mooradian, Jack McDonald, Craig Theall

Family Medicine

Robin Glover, Brenda McGinnis, Randy Wertheimer

Fletcher School

Sitecore Accounts Only: Catherine Murphy, Jessica Smith

Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy

Marlene Smith, Charlene Stevens, Patricia King, Patrick Webb, Virginia Thomas

Health Physics Office

Thomas McMahon

Hirsh Health Sciences Library

Eric Albright, Debra Berlanstein, Irina Aristova

Infectious Disease Society of America

Carlos Terra

Institute for Clinical Research and Health Policy Studies

Sandra Winkler, Carol Seidel

Integrative Physiology & Pathobiology

Jeanne Rose, Andrea Flaherty, Laura Liscum

Masters in Biomedical Sciences Program

Robin Glover

Medical Dean’s Office

Tom Malone, Harris Berman, Patrice Ambrosia, Anthony Keevan, Joyce Sackey


Verna Manni, Ann McKinney, John Leong


Stephanie Kamatarsis, Jose Bendeck, Philip Haydon

Nutrition/Infection Unit

Robin Glover, Brenda McGinnis, Christine Wanke

Office of Admissions

Thomas Slavin, John Matias

Office of Continuing Education

Karin Pearson, Rosalie Phillips

Office of Educational Affairs

Donna Merrick, Scott Epstein

Office of Faculty Affairs

Kathleen Lowney

Office of Financial Aid

Tara Olsen

Office of International Affairs

Richard Dupee, Ghenwa Hakim

Office of Public Health and Professional Degree Programs

Robin Glover

Office of Student Affairs

Carol Duffey, John Matias, Bruce Krasnof, Janet Kerle

Office of the Vice Provost

Thuy Nguyen, Diane Souvaine


Rosaline Bowen

Public Health and Community Medicine

Brenda McGinnis, Robin Glover, Aviva Must

Sackler Dean’s Office

Kathryn Lange, Naomi Rosenberg

Student Advisory Health Administration

Cynthia Linton, Gianna Vroom, Debbie Quinn

Technology for Learning in Health Science

Elaine Almeida, Susan Albright

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